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Testimonials from parents and clients,
in their own words.

Over a two-year period Laurie worked with my son to correct his articulation. Laurie's expertise and manner with children created a positive learning environment in which my son was eager to please and ultimately master the proper articulation.

Her approach of using games as a teaching tool was particularly effective. I highly recommend Laurie to others whose children need assistance.

- a parent

She is very nice and often uses fun games to help kids learn. She takes a real board game and puts fun learning tricks in it so that you don't even know you're learning!

- a client, age 10

I have always appreciated Laurie Botstein's professionalism regarding my children and their speech challenges. She was flexible with my schedule, and always arrived on time and ready to help my children learn and improve their speech.

- a parent

I really liked the pizza game!

- a client, age 8

Laurie was my son's biggest advocate. She recognized he needed help but knew he would be just fine when everyone else didn't. And he was! She had great ideas to help me AND my child in many areas!

- a parent

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