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Innovative Therapies

  • Laurie is a Level One certified clinician in the Prompts For Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) technique.
    Prompt is a therapeutic treatment that incorporates auditory, visual, and tactile cues through the use of touch, pressure, and specific placement in order to provide feedback to the speech system. PROMPT may be used with a disruption in speech production due to a variety of reasons (auditory processing problems, poor tongue strength, apraxia, etc.). The PROMPT technique has proven to be successful with many of Laurie's clients.
  • Floortime™
  • Laurie is also trained as a Level C Floortime provider. This therapy program, created by Stanley Greenspan, M.D., helps children relate, communicate, and think. The Floortime method focuses on how a child functions developmentally in all areas—language, cognition, social-emotional, and motor skills—all of which are inter-related. Working with children on a one-on-one basis, Laurie plays with them at their level and observes how they process information and respond to their surroundings through their senses.
    By understanding how children interact in their daily lives, Laurie can work with their environments to help them learn and progress. She can also guide parents and caregivers towards identifying strengths, allowing the children to better enjoy relationships and build functional social-emotional capacities that will set them free.

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"I have always appreciated Laurie Botstein's professionalism regarding my children and their speech challenges. She was flexible with my schedule, and always arrived on time and ready to help my children learn and improve their speech."

- a parent

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