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Receiving Therapy at Home

  • WHO can be involved in therapy?
    The child and therapist will be involved in achieving rapport. The parent or caregiver is welcome to attend the session in order to be able to continue the therapy program in the home environment. Occasionally, the child uses the parent’s presence as an invitation to test the situation. When this occurs it is usually best for the parent to wait out the time it takes for the child to become accustomed to the requirements of the sessions and to the therapist. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several sessions.
  • WHAT happens during therapy?
    Speech and language therapy is usually conducted by playing games, some of which are speech and language specific, while others may be a tried and true game that children know and love. These games make the learning experience fun while increasing and improving the child’s speech and language skills.
  • WHERE does therapy take place?
    Therapy sessions are usually held wherever the child feels comfortable and there are minimal distractions. At first, children like to have the therapy sessions in their rooms or playrooms. If this is an optimal setting, future sessions may remain here. Otherwise therapy may be moved to a better place to play.
  • WHEN does speech therapy occur?
    A therapy session is usually arranged to be during the child's optimal awareness time, and is usually 30-45 minutes long, depending on the child’s ability to attend to the tasks.
  • WHY have therapy in the home?
    It seems that young children take less time to adjust to therapy in a setting with which they are familiar. In addition, the parent or caregiver can be available to observe the therapy and carry on the tasks that have been learned.

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"I have always appreciated Laurie Botstein's professionalism regarding my children and their speech challenges. She was flexible with my schedule, and always arrived on time and ready to help my children learn and improve their speech."

- a parent

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